About Me

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I’m Taylor, twenty-four years old and just trying to find my niche, like the rest of us. I’ve always been a writer, and I’ve always enjoyed telling people about my life… and as such, this blog was born.

I’ve found myself becoming more reflective, more appreciative, and, overall, more present. And my goal is to use this blog to document that.

I was born at seven minutes after seven, weighing seven pounds and seven ounces, and I was the seventh grandchild. Since then, seven has been a special number for me; beyond it being everyone’s lucky dice roll, it’s also representative of my start in life. Since that seventh minute after seven, I’ve been rolling along through life, navigating every twist, turn, bump, and smooth road that God’s laid in front of me with as much grace as He’s willing to provide.

So here’s the seven minutes after seven, and everything that’s happened since.

Happy reading.


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