2019: The Year of Yes

Holy COW guys – how on earth is it February!? Part of me feels like January was the longest month in the history of… well, ever. Another part of me feels like time continues to slip by too quickly — as if I blinked, and the calendar has flipped pages (virtually, of course, because who has an actual calendar? It’s all about whiteboards and paper planners, am I right?)

The past month has been a calm one, and honestly, I am so very grateful for that. The last little bit of 2018 was a tad overwhelming. I traveled a lot, I did a lot, I generally felt like life just was a lot. It was a lot in a good way, but a lot is still a lot. Does anyone else ever feel that way?

Anyway, I’m rambling. The point is, the first month of 2019 has been a much needed reprieve. I’ve spent a lot of time taking barre classes, a lot of time watching Netflix, and a lot of time generally relaxing and reestablishing a routine (something I have learned that, apparently, I thrive on… but more on God’s lesson for me in that department a little later).

The rest of 2019, however, promises to be busy, exciting and… well, full of the word “yes.”

I’ve never seen that one movie where the guy says “yes” to everything, but I can certainly say I understand the concept.

This year has a lot of Big Things happening. I turn 25, my mom and I are taking a trip to England & Scotland (insert overly excited “eeeeeeeek!” here), my parents are moving out of the house my siblings and I grew up in, and the boy WILL be passing his CPA exam.

When I began the year, I thought this would be a year of saving for said big things. But then the opportunities, the adventures, started rolling in.

I wouldn’t consider myself the most spontaneous of people. I like to have plans, I like to know what is happening. But I recognize that, sometimes, that can be to my detriment. Sometimes, that means I would be inclined to say no to things “not in the plan.” And 2019 had a clear plan: save, save, save until September, then go back across the pond.

But here’s the thing — I am in an incredibly stable place in life (thanks be completely to the Lord for that blessing), and I have some breathing room. I know that yes, I do better with routine, but I also go stir crazy if it’s all routine. I need some blips on the radar.

So, I’ve started to say yes. Yes to that unplanned trip to Disneyland. Yes to last-minute happy hours, to dog sitting, to working on an extra project.

It’s okay to have routine — and I recognize that I need it. But I also need to allow a little wiggle room, to “ease up,” to recognize that what’s being offered to me right now may not be offered a few years down the line.

So here’s to 2019, to the year of yes. I can’t wait to see what it has in store.

What are you saying “yes” to this year?

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