Thred Up: An Awkward Review

Shopping for clothes is hard. Or at least, it is for me. I’m hardly a fashionista by any means, but I do appreciate good clothes, and I appreciate the need (or, perhaps, desire) to keep a wardrobe fresh. I’ve also recently grappled with the lack of sustainability within the fashion industry – particularly the parts of the fashion industry that are in the parameters of my budget. All of these things left me with a bit of a dilemma: I want to keep my closet exciting, I want it to be affordable, and I want it to be sustainable.

This quest led me to discover Thred Up, an online secondhand retailer. I liked the idea of them from the very start. On the one hand, I love the idea of keeping clothes as long as there is some wear left in them (I mean, I’ve still got the worn in boxy t-shirt from my middle school musical, and plan to work out in it as long as it still fits). On the other hand, in the spirit of brutal bluntness, secondhand clothing fits into my budget significantly better than the more high-end sustainable brands do.

I started the peruse the site a bit, and clicking the little “heart” icon to signify all of thes items I wanted to remember or find something similar to.

And then, something even more glorious happened, and I don’t say that dramatically (okay, maybe it’s a bit dramatic.)

I stumbled across their Goody Box – essentially, a box full of clothes that a Thred Up stylist curates for you based on your preferences on the site and a Pinterest board.

It was as if every sign was pointing towards this service. Not only would I not actually have to do the shopping myself, but it would offer me the opportunity to try out this new, sustainable and budget-friendly clothing service. I’d looked into similar subscription boxes before but with their added contribution to the fast fashion industry and my skepticism at spending $20 just to have someone shop for me, I always hesitated. Thred Up’s stylist fee was only $10… so I figured, why the heck not?

Once I got past a couple of mailing issues – Thred Up was overwhelmed with Goody Box requests, and then I had a bit of a hiccup actually getting my box from my apartment once it was delivered – the box absolutely blew my expectations. They not only used my Pinterest board… they basically copied all of the looks from it. Flowy tops, comfy dresses, and everything that could easily transition from the office to happy hour, no questions asked.

I’m planning to keep a couple of pieces and send back a few more – partly because I can’t afford to keep all 15 pieces, and partly because half of them were too big. So here’s my number one suggestion to anyone considering getting a box: don’t guesstimate on sizes. Give them your actual measurements, not just your usual dress size.

Otherwise, ordering a Thred Up box is as easy as keeping your Pinterest board updated – and I’d recommend it 100%.

You can watch my (extremely awkward) video review of it below – but, please, be nice. I’m not usually behind the camera 😉

This post was not endorsed or sponsored by Thred Up, but I am a member of the Thred Up influencer program. You can check out Thred Up for yourself by clicking here. Clicking on the link or the banner below may earn me compensation or rewards at no extra cost to you.

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