Mother’s Day Gifts for the Daughter on a Budget

In case you needed the reminder, Mother’s Day is this weekend. (Hopefully you already knew that.)

I love Mother’s Day, mainly because I love my mom. I think it’s pretty cool to have a whole day to celebrate her and all of the amazing things she has done for me. Seriously, my mom and I are a weird brand of close that I couldn’t be more grateful for. She’s my rock and my role model, my best adviser and my best friend, all rolled into one. I wouldn’t trade her, or the fact that my friends have a habit of hanging out with her without me (ahem, Shining Twin shout out), for anything.

That said, my mom and I usually celebrate by simply spending time together, and in my family’s typical fashion, we don’t always do it on the day itself. Regardless of how you’re celebrating, I figured I’d write a little round up if you’re scrounging for a good gift for your sweet mama. After all, what do you get the woman who gave you everything? Even if you’re on a budget, there’s still something that can show your token of appreciation for you lady you love most.


Note: The rest of this post contains affiliate links – if you click through any of the links in the post below & make a purchase, I may receive compensation, at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

Under $5: A Coffee Date
Nothing beats spending time together, so if you’re on a tight budget, ask Mom out for a cup of coffee. It’s simple, it’s inexpensive, and it would be so, so appreciated. After all, Mother’s Day doesn’t need to be fancy. It’s all about showing Mom how much you appreciate her.

And, if you have a coffee-loving Mom like I do and can spend a little extra for her to have her own new mug for that coffee date, get her something cute and quirky, like this “best mom ever” mug.

Under $15: A Framed Photo
I’m a bit partial to this one because I love pictures. Given the option of photos or art, I’ll pick photos every time, and not just any photos, but those of people I love. I just don’t think there’s better decor than memories, and I bet your mother would agree. Snag a cute frame, like this pretty rustic wood one, and print out your favorite photo of you and Mom – better yet, make it a throwback!

Under $25: A Charming Charm
You can’t go wrong with jewelry, and you don’t have to go too crazy with the price. Take a look at this gorgeous wave necklace from PuraVida. It’ll add a touch of seaside sparkle to any outfit Mom wears! (Psst: Use the code SEVENAFTERSEVEN20 for a 20% discount!)

Under $35: A Nice Bottle of Wine 
How often does your mom really indulge in something like some really good wine? Even if she does it fairly often, there’s nothing that says “special” more than something more than her day-to-day Chardonnay.

Bonus points: get her a cute little wine stopper in case she doesn’t finish the bottle (or, better yet, offer to help her with that so you don’t need the stopper!)

Under $45: Take Her To Brunch
Bump the whole “breakfast in bed” thing you used to to when you were younger up a notch, and take her to a nice brunch. If you want to avoid the Sunday morning crowd, there’s nothing wrong with doing it the day before or after (trust me, in my family, we’re pros at not celebrating things on the correct day).


If you’re in the Phoenix area, I’ve previously rounded up my 5 favorite brunch spots, in case you need some inspiration!

But, let’s be honest. It doesn’t matter what you get your mom: the important thing is showing her, somehow, just how much you love her.

PS: If my mom’s reading this – thanks for being the best. I’m seriously the luckiest daughter on the planet to have a Lorelai like you.


7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gifts for the Daughter on a Budget

  1. I’m a new follower! Really enjoyed reading your posts so far and I find them very relatable. Usually I send cards to my mom in the mail because I live far away from her. I too like photo frames but being the frugal weirdo I am, I buy my frames from Dollarama. I’ve seen the same frames elsewhere but get them at this store for a fraction of the price ☺️

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