A Letter to Every City I’ve Been In Love With

Dear London. And New York. And Birmingham. And San Francisco. And Prague. And Florence. And Paris. And Denver. And Edinburgh.

Dear every city I’ve ever explored, and every city I will ever go.

Thank you for being you.

If I’m being honest (and what’s the point in doing otherwise?) I feel as if I leave a piece of my heart in every new place I go. Be it a big bustling city, a remote town tucked into the hilly countryside, a mountain filled with cliffs, or even just someone’s home away from home, I can’t help but fall a bit in love.

Perhaps it’s because I’m a romantic and a part of me idolizes the idyllic jet-setting lifestyle, or maybe it’s the residual history and book nerd in me. Whatever it is, going new places gives me a electric excitement unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced.

So thank you, London, for being the vision of a city for me since the very start.


Thank you, New York, for first instilling my love of Broadway, for being that end-goal that every girl once has.


Thank you, Birmingham, for offering true freedom, and for stripping away any subconscious judgement of a “second city” that I may have harbored.


Thank you, San Francisco, for being so close to home, so sentimental.


Thank you, Prague, for showing me that stepping out of a comfort zone can bring the best the world has to offer.


Thank you, Florence, for letting me wander around you for so long, getting to know you beyond your tourist traps and learning the magic of feeling truly at home in a city of strangers.


Thank you, Paris, for offering so much in so little time.


Thank you, Denver, for creating a tradition.


Thank you, Edinburgh, for being the birthplace of my childhood and for bringing every vision from every storybook to life.


Thank you to all of these places, and so many more, for offering the motivation I need to reach my goals, to keep pursuing the dream of travel. Thank you for holding your own uniqueness and flavor and promise. Thank you for keeping these pieces of my heart so safe, in memories and pictures and reminiscent moments.

Thank you, for everything.

All my love,

8 thoughts on “A Letter to Every City I’ve Been In Love With

      1. I spent a lot of time there so was able to experience it beyond just the tourist traps, plus I generally love “smaller” cities too – they feel more personal. I take it Rome is your favorite!

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