40 Days Without Netflix: An Update

If you remember, I decided to give up Netflix for Lent this year. It was an effort to stop zoning out and be more productive with my 24 hours.

I’m proud to say that I succeeded… mostly. There was one night that the boy got stuck working really late and we had plans, so I curled up with a glass of red wine and Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and (ugh) Ross.

Besides that, though, I successfully stayed away from Netflix for the duration of Lent. And, honestly, I didn’t really miss it. (That said, I did definitely turn it on today just because I could.)


Instead of coming home, working out, and flopping down on the couch, I did exactly what I intended to do. I spent time doing things that are more “productive.” I read several books; I wrote a lot, both for the blog and the novel I’m working on; I spent time in the Word and made my way through a Lent study. And while it did all feel good, there were days that I was so brain dead that I just wanted to do nothing… but I’m really bad at legitimately doing nothing. Hence where the Netflix binging comes in.

Overall, it was a good experiment. In the end, I’m glad I did it and I think it will motivate me to watch less mindless TV. After all, I didn’t really miss it, except for when I was exhausted. But at the same time that I learned that I certainly can be more productive with my after work hours, I also realized that sometimes, it’s perfectly okay to zone out in front of the TV, and that doing so shouldn’t always be looked at as “unproductive.” Just as with eating chocolate vs. eating carrots, there’s a balance involved. Some days, if you’re feeling the productive energy, avoid the TV. Other days, if you’re just burnt out, the sofa is exactly the spot to be.

That said, tonight, the couch is calling my name. I wish you all a very happy Easter weekend! I hope it’s filled with chocolate bunnies and celebration of the miracle that is Easter!

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