Travel Diary: City of Angels

Los Angeles is the city of angels, beautiful weather, an unfortunately blue baseball team… and traffic. I went this last weekend and was reminded that no matter how long I have to spend in the car getting from place to place, I’m always infinitely happier when I cross the state line.

What We Did

We were mostly there for a girls weekend. One of our friends had her 25th birthday party, another was home from Denver, another is starting law school soon, and a third is about to leave for Spain. It was just a good time for us to get together.

I also snuck in a short visit with my cousin while everyone else was sleeping Sunday morning. Her and I did the “quintessential LA hike” – aka Runyon Canyon. And let me tell you… the views were absolutely gorgeous. I get why people fall in love with this city.

Where We Ate

Jinky’s Cafe
This has become a bit of a staple for my LA trips, because who says no to table tots? They also call their avocado toast guacamole toast, and I completely respect that they make no attempt to hide what it truly is. It’s literally guacamole on toast, and it’s delicious.

Boomtown Brewery
This was the site of the birthday party, and it’s got a really chill vibe and a very Instagrammable wall (priorities). There’s also a food truck outside that serves up a variety of fries. We accidentally got ours with buffalo cauliflower instead of buffalo chicken, but let me tell ya – that’s the best order mess up we’ve ever had.

Apparently, this place is famous. I’m not the biggest sausage fan, but they had a vegan option, which was oddly delicious.

Pro tip: there can be a bit of a line, though, so get there early or be patient!

The Bellwether
Good food, odd concept. Everything comes out as it’s ready, which can be great for grazing, but for us just meant that 2 of us got our avocado toast before the others got their respective French toast and chilaquiles. That said, I’m looking forward to going back when I don’t have a 6 hour drive ahead of me – the cocktails looked delicious!

So, there you have it: a quick recap of my quick trip to the second best city in California 😉

Next trip across the state line will be to Disneyland – you already know that I can’t wait!

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