Testimony Tuesday: Making Time


In some ways, I’m great at managing it. I am a scheduler, a planner, an always-show-up-10-minutes-early-er.

In other ways, I know I fail. I am not so great at prioritizing, and I have a terrible tendency to double-book myself, because I’m not so great at saying “no.”

In the hecticness, I’ve realized that there are thing I need to make time for. I need to make time for exercise, I need to make time for my relationship, I need to make time for friendships.

I need to make time for God.

Walk in wisdom toward outsiders,
making the best use of the time.
– Colossians 4:5

I’ve struggled with this lately, but as is usually the case, when I find myself struggling, I also find myself actively correcting. And so, that is what I have done lately. Or at the very least, what I have tried to do.

When I can’t make it to small group (which has been discouragingly often) I set aside some time to sit and be in the Word. Surprisingly (or, probably not so much so, as we know there is a plan for it all), each time I do this, I feel more connected with the Lord than I may have had I gone to group, which tends to feel much more like a social obligation than a spiritual one.

I’ve been working through a weekly Lent study, which has had me committed to about an hour with my Bible and my journal, whenever I can fit it in.

And that’s the catch, I think I’m realizing. Whenever I can fit it in. I schedule out my workouts according to what the rest of my week looks like. I schedule my dates, my happy hours, my family dinners. Why shouldn’t I schedule my time with God?

Maybe someday it will come much more second nature — and I pray that it does. But for now, I must make time for God intentionally, just as I would make time for any other relationship in life.

I’m still learning how to be a better Christian, and I’m still growing in my relationship with the Lord, and I am coming to accept that I have my faults, and that even more so, that is perfectly okay.

Happy Tuesday.

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