Testimony Tuesday: Why I Turned My Commute Christian

I think we can all agree that commutes are not exactly the highlight of our days. I recently jumped from having a 4 minute drive to work to having a 20-plus minute drive, and while I hardly mind it, it was definitely an adjustment to spending that extra time each day in the car.

(Before all of you 2+ hour commuters start to rag on me – yes, I realize 20 minutes is barely a commute at all. I used to drive an hour and a half each way to college every day for a year. I know how rough it can be.)

That said, after a few weeks of having a substantial commute again, I realized quickly that it was way too easy to just zone out while I was driving. Granted, that’s not good for obvious reasons such as you should always be alert behind the wheel, but it also didn’t feel very good for my soul. I spend enough time zoning out when I actually get home and crash on the couch and scroll through all of the social media posts I missed that day.

So, I decided to do something about it.

I remembered one time, a few years ago, that KLOVE did a 30-day challenge for its listeners: listen to nothing but Christian music for an entire month, and see what changes God brings about in your life. (They might still do this challenge, I’m not really sure.) At the time, I wasn’t ready to commit myself to that – I like other genres too much, I told myself. I didn’t want to give up my country music, my Broadway showtunes, my moody alternative, or even my top 40-filled workout playlist.

In reality, I just wasn’t ready to be seen as “that girl who plays the Jesus music,” but that’s a whole other story.

Anyway. The point is, as I was figuring out how to make my commute somehow beneficial, I thought of the challenge. While I still am not eager to give up other genres of music, it did strike me that switching my car radio over to KLOVE each morning and afternoon would be a really easy way to make my commute less mindless.

In other words, I decided to turn my commute Christian.

And let me tell ya: it worked. Now, instead of mindlessly singing along to some country song or another, or listening to the weird morning talk shows that every radio station seems to think are the thing to do each morning, I not-so-mindlessly sing along to songs that praise our Father. I say not-so-mindlessly because it’s impossible to hear people sing about the Lord so passionately and not feel that passion too. Plus, I often find myself applying the praises sung in the KLOVE songs to my own life.

It has proven to be a wonderful reminder of the blessing each day brings. In the morning, I go into the office with a refreshed perspective and a happy heart, knowing that the Lord has a plan for the day, whatever it may be. In the evenings, I get to reflect on the lessons learned in the past 9 hours, and I am reminded of God’s love for me, which can be the best comfort after a stressful day.

Plus, the songs are just catchy.

I haven’t decided how long I’ll stick with my Christian commute, mainly because Christian radio falls into the same repetitive trap that every other radio station is privvy to. But so far, I’m loving it. I’m loving the intentional time spent with the Lord, and more importantly, I love how I feel it is strengthening my relationship with Him.

I challenge you: just for a week, change your radio dial to your local Christian station. See what joy it can bring – I promise, it’s even more worthwhile than you might think.

Is anyone among you in trouble?
Let them pray.
Is anyone happy?
Let them sing songs of praise.

– James 5:13

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