Welcome Home: Apartment Tour

It’s probably ironic that I am sitting down to write this post the evening after our bathroom and closet sprung a leak… and yet, here we are. (Full disclosure: the leak was technically from the apartment above us. They’ve been doing construction up there. It was a frustrating, life-lesson sort of experience, and we did learn that we have a very nice maintenance man. Gotta find the upsides, right?)


I have been so excited to share this post with everyone, but of course it has had to wait until everything was actually in order before I felt like I could post it! But, at long last, the finishing touches have gone up, and I think I am done fussing with the design (for now ;))

So here it is: our long-awaited apartment tour!

I learned a lot about decorating for two people… mainly, that one person will always have an opinion and the other… may not. Okay, maybe that’s just because I live with a boy, but I really wanted to make sure he felt like this was his apartment, too (especially since I moved in a month before him).

I wanted to keep things relatively minimalish (yes, that’s a new term), but also incorporate elements of who “we” are – individually, and as a couple.


Our bedroom has a mountain thing going on. Sort of. We both love to be on the mountain to ski and snowboard, so we wanted to incorporate that into our room. The colors featured are all colors from the slope maps: red for the lift lines, blue and green and black for the runs, and of course, white for the snow. I wanted a white comforter to start, but then someone — namely, my mother — talked some sense into me… I have a black cat, after all.

The pictures on the wall are prints of our two favorite mountains: Telluride (his), and Northstar (mine). The snowflake in the middle is a special family memory of a friend from Tahoe.

Also, yes, I have a Stitch on the bed, and two bears. What can I say, they matched the theme! (So did the cute balloons that the boy put up for Valentines Day. We’re keeping them until they deflate.)


Speaking of the cat, of course she wanted to be featured in this photoshoot. Our living room doesn’t have much of a theme other than “cozy.” We spend a lot of time in here, and I was determined to make it a place we both enjoy being. Warm colors and warm lighting were key, plus little touches of some of our favorite things: travel, and Disney. (Okay, that might be a recurring theme.)


It was important to both of us to have a work space. I work remotely regularly, and I know that I work better on non-work things (ie, this blog and other writing endeavors) if I have a set place to sit. He works from home when his hours get long, too, so we knew it was important to have a good setup. I’m also a big advocate that you will work better if you like the space you’re in, and as such, our mini office was born. Granted, it’s not so much an office as it is a dedicated section of our living room, but that’s what you get in apartment life.


Of course, I saved the best for last. I love our kitchen — it’s wonderfully large, and absolutely perfectly laid out. On the opposite side of the room we have our dining room, complete with a beautiful dining room table my dad gifted us for Christmas (thanks again, Daddio!) and a painting of my favorite view in the entire world. And yes, there are wine bottles galore. Are you surprised?

And since I showed off my favorite part of our place, I have to show off the boy’s. That, and the only agreed to let me post an apartment tour if I prominently featured the Hoop.

Yes, you read that right.

We have a basketball hoop in our apartment.


Combine that with the Xbox and Nintendo 64 under our TV and… yup. I officially live with a boy.

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