Travel Diary: Telluride, Colorado

In case you somehow missed my many updates on Instagram, or were not one of the people I see regularly who had to hear me incessantly talk about it: I just took my first trip to Telluride, Colorado. It’s one of the boy’s favorite places on the planet – his version of Tahoe, is my way of describing it – and his parents took us as a belated Christmas trip.

And let me tell ya: I absolutely fell in love with that little mountain town.

Even if you aren’t one to hit the slopes, Telluride has so much to offer: shopping, dining, views that look like they came straight out of a Bob Ross painting. It’s nothing short of magical, and I promise I’m not exaggerating. Check out some snapshots and see for yourself (although, if I’m being honest, there’s no way you can really tell until you go):


Where we stayed
We rented a little condo at the Mountainside Inn. It’s in town, but right at the edge of it, at the base of the mountain and along the little creek. It was certainly tiny – probably too tiny for four grown adults to stay in – but we made do. It was very nice, and so conveniently located. We were minutes from Lift 7 and the Gondola, as well as less than half a mile to the main street of downtown. Besides that, it totally has that ski-lodge feel that I was worried might get lost in the glitz and glamour of Telluride. (That said, if you do get lucky enough to stay at one of the million dollar mansions in Mountain Village – let me know how the views are. They look incredible.)

Where we ate

  • Baked in Telluride
    My stepdad told me this place is world famous — and I could see why! It’s a good thing we skiied the whole time we were there, because I needed it just to work off the apple fritter that was the size of my face.


  • Smugglers
    All I’ve gotta say is: get there early, or get a seat at the bar if you don’t. It’s worth the wait. Oh, also: get the mashed potatoes.
  • Brown Dog Pizza
    If you get Silas as your server, you’re lucky. The service was great here — as was the food! I piled up on pasta for the last dinner of the trip and the boy got pizza. It’s a fun sports bar with a very mountainy feel… you could tell there were lots of regulars, and it was just a very fun place to end a very fun trip.
  • High Pie
    This was a bit of an experiment, but a good one! We picked up High Pie to bring home for our first night off the mountain, but we wished we’d had the chance to eat in. It’s right on Colorado, and has a very laid-back feed, plus good pizza to boot.
  • Tracks
    This little bar and diner is right next to the Gondola and Lift 4 in Mountain Village. It packs up at lunchtime, so head there early or late, whichever you prefer, and I highly recommend the veggie bowl! It was great to be able to eat something “healthy,” when I’m used to ski-day food being all french fries and (veggie) burgers. Also – they claim to have the best Bloody Mary’s in town. I don’t drink and ski, but believe me, when I go back and have a ski day off, I plan to investigate if there’s any truth to that.
  • Big Billies
    Right off the mountain, near what the boy dubbed the “kiddie runs,” the family restaurant, Big Billies, is home to the best grilled cheese I’ve ever eaten, especially at a ski lodge. I also highly recommend the fries — because, did you know that 70% of you calories should come from carbs when you are at that high of an elevation? Apparently, it helps avoid elevation sickness… and justify a lot of fries and pasta.

Overall opinion
loved it. I totally understand why people get hooked on this little mountain town, and I can’t wait to go back. Of course, it’s known for it’s skiing, but I’m trying to convince the boy to go back in the summer too… you just know that there’s got to be so much to offer, if winter is this wonderful.

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