Meet Me: About-The-Blogger Survey

As I’ve been putting more time, effort, and general thought into this blog, I realized that some of my readers are new here — and those that aren’t, may not know some very basic things about me. So, in honor of my 2 year bloggersary having just passed (is that a thing? Now it’s a thing, though I should note that a solid 6 months of that time was on a different platform), I decided to do a little “meet the blogger” survey. I love getting to know tidbits about you & figured it was high time I returned the favor!


Name: Taylor

Age: 23… fun fact: someone asked me this the other day, and I genuinely had to think about it for a second. Whoops.

Gender: Female

A Selfie


The only selfies I ever take/post typically include other people… so here’s a shot of me laughing like a happy idiot on my last trip to LA.


Food: I have to pick just one!?!?! That’s such a tough question, but I probably will always lean towards delicious, Italian carbs. I’m a big pasta person, and I had the best gnocchi of my entire life in Florence. So, probably that. Or Thanksgiving dinner (and by that I mean the stuffing, potatoes, and roasted veg.)

Drink: Coffee. Or Diet Coke. Or wine. Sort of depends on the time of day, I suppose.

Book: The Great Gatsby and To Kill A Mockingbird. I love the classics. I feel like writing has lost its uniqueness — my own included — and the classic novels we were once forced to read each summer remind me of what truly terrific writing is all about. (That said, I have encountered many delicious novels of the modern era, too. I don’t want anyone to think I’m writing off modern authors, so to speak. I just think there’s a special magic to the old ones.)

Oh, and Harry Potter. Of course. I am a proud Potterhead. Prisoner of Azkaban is my #1 choice, and I have the very tattered, well-worn paperback to prove it.

Song: Yikes, another tough one. Again, this depends on the time of day, and the mood, and the general atmosphere. Am I writing? Running? Driving around with my windows down? It’s probably impossible for me to pick just one.

Movie: I get fairly category specific here, mainly due to the many levels of Disney and my affinity for all of it, so forgive me.

  • Favorite overall movie: Remember the Titans or Dirty Dancing
  • Favorite “classic” Disney movie: Peter Pan
  • Favorite Princess Disney movie: Aladdin 
  • Favorite Pixar movie: Finding Nemo
  • Favorite “modern” Disney movie: Lilo & Stitch

Band: Arctic Monkeys. Oddly enough, this wasn’t that tough.

Solo Artist: Kelsea Ballerini. Nate Reuss. Taylor Swift (#sorrynotsorry).

Place: Lake Tahoe, California. It will always, always, always have my whole entire heart.


Subject: In school, I was your typical history and English lover. However, as I went through my university years, I also began to love politics and ethics — particularly those classes that enabled Socratic-style seminars to discuss both.

Sport: I played volleyball growing up, and I miss it something dreadful. These days, I run, hike, or ski, and I watch a lot of basketball. That last part wasn’t entirely by choice, but I can’t say I’m complaining too much.

Male actor: Tom Hanks.

Female actor: Meryl Streep. (I was a big fan of The Post, if you couldn’t guess.)


Schooling: I started school in Northern California; spent a few years at an incredible elementary school in Plano, Texas, that definitely shaped my ideas of what education should be like; moved to Phoenix in the 4th grade, and headed to a small suburb for high school. I went to the renowned Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University, where I simultaneously earned my bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s in mass communication; and I would be absolutely remiss to not mention the life changing semester I spent at the University of Birmingham in England.

BF: Does this mean best friend or boyfriend??? Regardless: my boyfriend is one of my best friends, as any companion should be, but I’m also incredibly blessed with the greatest set of girl friends. Shout out to my Shining Twin, my partner in crime, and the one who ensures my music library is constantly stocked while never minding when I get bad at texting back.

Political ideology: This is a loaded question, especially lately. I hate the two-party system, to be frank, because I think all too often it closes off our minds to seeing other sides of the story. That said: I believe love is love, I believe in basic human rights, I believe in a woman’s right to choose, and I believe that God would never persecute anyone based on where they come from. That said, I try not to get overly political on social media, but if you want to have an informed conversation with me elsewhere, I’m happy to engage. I will never try to change your mind, but please, provide me with a solid foundation for your argument. Remember, I liked those Socratic seminars in school. 🙂

Religion: Christian, and my relationship with the Lord is growing every day. I will never claim to be perfect, but I don’t have to be. He loves us despite of this, because of this. We are His imperfect children.

I also believe that our Lord reveals himself to everyone in some way, and that way may be whichever way they need Him to be. Whether that is through the Church, the mosque, or the spirit of nature. I believe in one God, but I believe that He knows best how to get through to His children, and that He wants us to accept our own diversity, because He created it for a purpose.

Tattoos: None. I have 2 that I’ve toyed with, but have never committed to. Time shall tell.

Piercings: Just my ears. I had double piercings that were done badly and closed quickly, and a cartilage piercing that I didn’t take well enough care of in college.

Languages: Just English, sadly, and some very bad, broken Spanish.

Reason behind your blog’s name: I was born at seven minutes after seven. I was seven pounds, seven ounces. I am the seventh grandchild. This is everything that’s happened since.

Why you blog: The simple answer is that I like to write. I like to spill my thoughts out to whoever will listen: my journal, the Internet, Google Docs. The more complicated answer is that I feel I have something to say, and I believe in the power of words. Maybe mine will have an impact on someone. Maybe that impact is life changing. Maybe that impact is priceless. You never know, and I believe that you should always try.

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