Once again, I had an entirely different purpose for this post when I initially set out to write it. Once again, before I got the chance to hit “publish,” I was hit with some news. Some terrible, awful, heartbreaking news.

The world lost an amazing man this week. He was a true blessing to each and every person who knew him; he was such a light to those he touched, and he touched so many. I am lucky to known him, and known him well – his wife is my second mom, his son is like my brother. I spent holidays with them, celebrated graduations with them, and once, school called them when I was sick, because my mom was out of town.

He was the kindest, most genuine soul you could have ever known. He loved life and, as his son and wife will very proudly tell you, he lived a great one, a full one, and he was always the first to encourage everyone else to do the same.

The world is a little bit darker without him.

But he left a legacy. He left inspiration to everyone to keep following your dreams – be it flying to the very ends of the earth or finding that world-rocking love.

I was privileged, really, to be there in his last moments, though that hardly seems like the right word to use. Heartbreaking as it was, to see how many people were there, how many he touched, how many loved him… it was also utterly inspiring. To see how one man brought so many people together, even in the worst of times, simply because they loved him… it’s a moment that can’t be forgotten.

It’s almost ironic that I was about to hit “post” on a blog about the unpredictable, but wonderful, ocean. That’s why I haven’t changed the title. Because life, like the waves, is unpredictable. It’s determined. It’s powerful. It’s dynamic.

It’s all the things great people should be.

Rest In Peace.

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