I started to write this post on Good Friday. That day was filled with wonderful little blessings: I got early release from work; my team was recognized for our work on a recent campaign with kudos and a prezzie from the boss; we found someone we really like for an internship position; the boy didn’t have to work outrageous hours and didn’t have to work this weekend; I got the official okay for a visit to Sacramento to see my grandparents; I got to have a Diet Coke. It really took the concept of “good” Friday to heart. My heart was so full and I was going to go on and implore everyone to use this past weekend to see the glory in the little things.

And, granted, I still hope everyone did that.

But I never got the chance to publish the post. I got a phone call right as I was about to hit “publish”, and then my day went all sorts of weird. It was one of those moments where God just needed me to realize that, yes, everything in my immediate life has been absolutely wonderful lately, but there are still some Big Picture things that I need to give some energy too.

It was a good reminder.

You see, I have been focusing more on the little things, and I’ve found myself noticeably more grateful and my heart infinitely more full. Whether it’s a kiss on the forehead in an unexpected moment or the brightness of a blooming flower outside my apartment window, these little things have kept the beauty in every single God-given day.

But that doesn’t mean that the bigger, harsher realities aren’t there. It doesn’t mean that the greater trials are no longer present. It doesn’t mean that, just because my eyes have been opened to these smaller blessings, there is not a journey I need to conquer.

It just means that I should take the faith I have in those little blessings and put it towards those bigger bumps in the road.

I spent a lot of Easter weekend rejoicing. Together, my boyfriend and I attended not one, but two church services, both which spread the very Easter-y message of the freedom and power that come from the resurrected Jesus. We spent a lot of time with family, and, perhaps most importantly as we come fresh out of the tax season that has been taxing on his energy and free time, we got to spend a lot of time with each other. (Yes, I was trying to be punny.)

So, on Monday morning, I am happy to bask in the happiness that was this weekend. Needless to say, I am so thankful for someone who kept me smiling even though these Big Picture problems were still lingering in the back of my mind.

But now it’s time to focus on what that faith I have in the small things can do for me in the long run. It’s time to buckle down and focus on some things head on… while still appreciating the blooming flowers and little happy surprises that are planted along the way.

Life isn’t meant to be sunshine and daisies; the hardships are there for us to appreciate the happiness. But we can still find that happiness in every day, and as I look forward to this season of Dealing With Stuff, I can’t wait to see what little blessings each day will bring.

Happy (belated) Easter, everyone.

He is Risen. He is Risen, indeed.

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