Missing in Action, Present in Life

Hey, guys.

So, I’ve been a little MIA, at least on the blog. I remember when I started this thing that I had all of these visions of creating a brand for myself, and working to curate and promote that brand until I was up there with some of my dream blogger. (That’s probably a little embarrassing to admit, especially since it seems everyone wants to create a brand these days.)

But lately I’ve realized that I don’t really have a specific brand… and that’s okay. I am not solely a wanderluster, not just a foodie, and definitely not a fashionista. I don’t fit into those specific “boxes” of “bloggers,” and I’m not good enough at keeping up with this whole blogging thing to make any of those work if I was.

I’m just a writer.

Sometimes, that means writing little blurbs about happy trips I’ve been on. Sometimes, that means a stream of consciousness about God’s latest lesson for me. Sometimes, that means going over a month without posting anything at all.

And that’s okay. 

2017 has been quite the year for me so far. I’ve learned a lot, and we’re only two months in. I’ve also felt as if I’ve grown a lot, and that’s such a weird and wonderful feeling. I’ve taken risks and chances that I was previously so afraid to take, and they’ve been more rewarding than I ever could have imagined.

I’ve also had some tougher stuff to deal with, stuff that has kept me from posting too much on the interwebs because – well, frankly – it’s no one’s business. And that’s okay.

All of this is okay, because as I’ve been navigating through this year, I’ve felt myself become more present. I’ve taken less pictures and made more memories. I’ve cherished long mornings spent doing nothing in a way that I haven’t done for so long. I’ve gone out more, laughed more, loved more, and lived more. I feel as if I’m breaking free of what I’ve always felt expected to do, and I’m finally allowing myself to do exactly what I want to do.

And that’s okay.

Well, actually, that’s more than okay. That’s ideal.

So, while I’d like to apologize for not keeping up with this blog the way I should, I also am not sorry about that at all. I might be missing in action on the internet, but I’m more present than ever in life.

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