Sweet Serendipity

So far, my September plans have not gone… well, as planned.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize that there’s no point in being upset about that.

Life happens. Things change. Relationships come and go, friendships ebb and flow (that unintentionally rhymed). Ultimately, what matters is how we look at the changes and the curveballs that are slung at us, and how we respond to these unexpected twists in our journey that matters.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of “the path.” Now, if you’re my family, you’ll laugh at that. If you’re not my family, you’ll give me a quizzical eyebrow raise and ask what sort of new-age tangent I’m about to go on. (Not, of course, that there is anything wrong with new-age beliefs. Anyways.)

I was watching Serendipity the other night. It’s one of my all-time favorite movies, despite its horrendously rom-com attributes, and in many ways because of its total rom-com-ness. I can’t help it; there’s something about a love story set primarily in New York City, focusing on the chance meetings and encounters that life brings along that is just captivating. I don’t care how predictable or cheesy the film is. Serendipity will always be one of my favorites. Plus, John Cusack is in it. You have to love it, simply for that reason.

While I was curled up on my couch with the kitty on my lap, watching Sara (no H) and Jonathan try to navigate the web of the world and find each other again, I couldn’t help but think – maybe we should all be a little more serendipitous in our daily lives.

We try, so hard, to plan life. We set goals, we work hard to reach our goals, and when we are going along that “path,” everything feels like it’s right on track.

And then, something happens.

And suddenly, we feel a little bit – or, if you’re me, a lot a bit – off track.

But why?

Because we’re so focused on following the plan that we don’t even take the time to see the possibility… and potentially, the benefits… of jumping off the path, even temporarily.

Life isn’t meant to be planned out. It’s as simple as that. Everybody says it, and everybody is romanticized by this idea of chance… but not enough of us live by it.

So what’s the point in being so intoxicated by it, if we aren’t actually going to let ourselves believe a little bit in it?

I am wildly aware of how terrifying it is to trust in chance. However, I have also been lucky enough to experience how rewarding letting fate take its course can be. I stumbled across an internship about a year and a half ago… it has now blossomed into (what I hope is) a promising career that I absolutely love. But I wouldn’t have ended up here, thriving and excited to go to work every day, if I hadn’t trusted in the random opportunity that happened to fall into my lap.

Sometimes, living serendipitously doesn’t have the happiest results. Sometimes, like John and Sara, it separates us from our “true love” for years – to the point where we’re engaged to others and they are too. Sometimes, all serendipity means is a life lesson.

But that is okay.

Life isn’t supposed to be easy to decipher, and it isn’t always meant to be planned out.

Image result for serendipity gif

Sometimes, we just have to throw our hands up, let the plan fly away into the wind, and scream out, que sera sera.

Whatever will be, will be.

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