Hello, September


August was rough. I hate to say that. It’s typically my third-favorite month. It comes after December (because Christmas, duh), and November (because Thanksgiving, double duh). Normally, I relish when the calendar turns to August because it means that the best month of the summer has arrived. It’s both my birthday month and typically includes Tahoe Time, and I usually get a trip to the Bay Area in, too. All of these things typically add up to equal one stellar month.

This year, it was a bit different.

Yes, I still got to go to Tahoe. Yes, I still had a birthday… those clearly don’t change. I didn’t get my Bay Area fix, but I got it in May, and I had just returned from some quality Nelson time in July. None of these things were what was wrong with August.

It was just… rough.

You know those months (or those days, those weeks, those years) that just seem to draaaaag by? That was this one. It just seemed that, despite the good things that happened, there was always a larger, heavier one following. I felt a large portion of this month feeling like I was barely keeping my head above water and that’s just not a fun feeling.

And so, I am really not all that bummed to say goodbye to August 2016.

September will bring changes. In my experience, it always does. Some are great, some are bad, and most of them are unpredictable. But this morning, I got my first Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee of the season (for which I must make a general shout out to the barista’s at my Starbucks, who fully understand my own ex-barista ways and who indulge them accordingly). My best friend flies in for the three day weekend tomorrow afternoon. Next week, the weather will be in the upper 90s.

Fall is coming. Change is near.

I can say goodbye to this rough, life-altering, welcome-to-adulthood-let’s-let-it-kick-you-where-it-counts summer.

And I can say, happily and healthily… hello, September.

2 thoughts on “Hello, September

  1. I don’t know but there’s something about an ICED PUMPKIN latte that is, well… weird. And 90 degrees being Fall weather… Hmmm… BUT, I digress – Main message is this: Love you, Niecelet!!!


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