Dancin’ Around Denver: Part 3

I figured I should probably get around to getting part 3 up considering

a) the month of July is almost over
b) I’ve had a trip since going to Denver and
c) my Denverinian best friend (yes, it’s a word) just came down to P-town for a visit.

I’ve got a lot I should get writing about, so I should probs fill everyone in on that third and final aspect of my amazing trip to the Rockies.

First of all, take a look at this shot of Lex, Jen and me. This was from the first day, dancing around downtown Denver, and it’s a pretty accurate representation of what we look like on a daily basis. In fact, I wore that t shirt dress from Target like three times that week (I washed it, I promise). We like our sunglasses and we like our lipstick.

And, we like country music.

So when Jen scored free tickets to see Chris Jansen play at the Greeley Stampede, we figured it would be riiiiiight up our alley. I mean, we listen to country radio. We know everything from the top 40 to the good nineties country. We got this.

… or maybe we don’t got this.

To steal Jen’s Instagram caption, we thought we were country… and then we went to Greeley.

Don’t get me wrong, Greeley seems like it could be a cool place and I am by no means knocking the entire town, or even the little bit of it that we saw. I know there’s a college there and I’m sure downtown has more than the fields we saw, but we managed to bypass that because, well, no one should ever let me be in charge of directions.

So by the time we made it to the Greeley Stampede, all we had seen were a whole lot of cowboys and some fields. Not that there’s anything wrong with either of those things, but three girls who essentially grew up in mid- to large-sized cities were a little shaken by the true country-ness of Greeley.

The concert was legitimately at a rodeo, in the actual place where I assume the actual rodeo-ing takes place (I realize how horrifically uneducated about rodeos that sentence made me sound). And, yes, that is a flag that says “yee yee” in the audience.

In Phoenix, it’s acceptable to wear dresses and sandals to a country concert. You’ll fit right in.

In Greeley, we definitely should have stuck to jeans and flannels, and probably should have tried to buy a cowboy hat.

It was, needless to say, so much fun.

Getting out of your comfort zone can be exhilarating sometimes, especially when there’s good music, good friends and good (and cheap!) beer to go along with it. It may have opened our eyes to exactly how uncountry we are sometimes, but it was the absolute perfect ending to an overall wonderful trip.

Til next time, Colorado.

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