Dancin’ Around Denver: Part 1

1Well, the Shining Twins were reunited this past weekend. (Thankfully, not the Jack Nicholson version.) I met up with Jen and one of our other best friends, Alexis, in the Mile High City for the built in three day weekend, and it was probably one of the best semi-spontaneous decisions I’ve ever made.

Beyond just getting the chance to knock another item off my 2016 bucket list, seeing the girls again was so great, and so necessary. With all the changes happening, I was getting to the point where I was feeling a bit untethered, and there is nothing more grounding than three days spent around two of the people who know you best.

And if you get to explore a new city while doing so, that’s even better.

It probably says a lot about the trip that one of the very first pictures I took was of myself in one of those spinning top chair things (descriptive, I know).

(I should also point out that it was really exciting to be able to share shoes with Jen again.)

We spent the first morning walking around downtown Denver, including the iconic 16th Street Mall. And by walking around, I mean that we happened across it, picked a direction, and ended up drinking bottomless mimosas at one of the top-rated brunch places on Yelp.

But, let’s be real: when you have the chance for bottomless prickly pear mimosas… you take it.

Once we were happily bubbled up, we made our way back down 16th Street, wandering in and out of a few shops (including the Victoria’s Secret semiannual sale, because duh). I found my brother the most clever present, but I shall refrain from posting it here until I’ve actually given it to him. Be sure to check the Insta for when I do! #shamelessplug

But really, if you ever get the chance to go to Denver, I highly recommend setting aside some time to check out the main drag. It’s full of character, and colors, and just some cool things to see. Even if all you do is walk up and down; we saw a plethora of street performers, a few pop up food tasting tents, and got in a healthy dose of people watching. It was wonderful.


We didn’t spend our whole day wandering around one street, though. We, somehow, and slightly accidentally, ended up at the Denver capital building, then the art museum, where this really cool thing called First Saturday was going on. Unfortunately, none of my pictures turned out too great, but the mariachis and tap dancers were almost too good to be captured in a single picture. You’ll have to see it for yourself.

We also wound up in this really random square that I sincerely hope is home to many, many historical things, but we didn’t spend enough time exploring it for me to find out.

That night, Jen and I went to dinner with my kind-of-cousin, Kate (I haven’t quiiiiiite figured out what the term for her relation to me is… aunt’s niece? That makes her… my second cousin by marriage? Family trees are confusing.) Long story short, after years of hearing about each other and how well we’d get along, we finally got the chance to make that happen. And we wound up spending three hours over Mexican food and margaritas, proving our aunt and uncle right. We got along great.

She also showed me this beautiful street in Denver… Larimar Square. Apparently, it’s quite famous.

But for us, it was just the perfect way to end the night.

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