If I’ve learned anything in my life, it’s that we don’t get to plan life’s twist and turns. We can try, sure, but trying is one thing — life actually going that way is an entirely other, and you’re a rare breed of lucky if that actually works out for you.

To be completely honest, I never expected that my life would offer the path that it has thus far. I didn’t expect myself to “settle down” — for lack of a better, if terribly overused, phrase. 

My disclaimer now, and perhaps the point of this post, is that I hardly view myself as settling. Instead, my life was rocked by a totally changing, overwhelming, incredible love story. I have said this countless times, and I wholeheartedly believe, that the reason the Lord called me to stay rooted in Phoenix was to find this love.

And my, oh my, am I so grateful for it.

I think about this sometimes. I don’t think I’ve ever told the boy this much, in as many words, but he really has changed my life, in the most cliche and the absolute best ways. The future that I once saw as an endless string of running — off to the next city, the next place, the next opportunity — has slowly molded into one a bit slower, a bit more intentional.

If I’m being completely honest — and again, that is the point in all of this — I think the future I once envisioned for myself involved a lot of running. Not in the literal sense, but rather the figurative one. I’d be lying if I didn’t look at a vagabond-type lifestyle as one that offered a route for escape whenever the going got tough. It may have been hard in some ways, but it certainly felt easy in others.

I no longer have the option to just run. If I did, I’d lose the very thing that has become most important to me.

And you know what else I’ve realized?

That’s not a bad thing.

I am by no means stuck. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. The Lord called me to grow roots, and now, I am blooming. My heart blooms with the possibility of love and a future that I never imagined wanting but now I deeply ache for (eventually); my career blooms with opportunity and growth; my own sense of self blooms with peacefulness and presentness.

If I’ve ever had a true testament to my faith, this realization has absolutely been it.

In actuality, and according to one of my dearest friends, I’ve “always been that type of girl.” The type to fall in love fast, hard, quickly, and long for something lasting. It’s just been that previously, nothing has lasted.

This one has. This one took a trial of faith and blind optimism, as well as a whole heck of a lot of trust in the urgings of my own heart.

And, of course, guidance from the Lord.

To say that my trust in my relationship and my trust in the Lord go hand-in-hand probably sounds naive, or love blinded. But I truly believe that. I believe that the Lord offered me this relationship as a way to prove that He does provide, and He provides so abundantly, so long as you trust and obey his will and his Word.

He called me to stay put.

So I did.

And, without looking, He offered me the most wonderful love I could have ever asked for… the sort of love I didn’t even dare ask for.

I remember reading an article one time about how the butterflies went away for one writer’s relationship after a while, and how that was okay because they were replaced with an overwhelming sense of security and love and warmth.

I’m proud — or maybe actually humbled? — to say that I feel the same way, but I do still get those butterflies when the boy walks in the door every night. But when I think of him, it’s not the same heart-pumping, nervous anticipation I’ve felt before. It’s calm. It’s comfort.

It’s wonderful.

I apologize, truly, for what is essentially a rambling love letter. But I just so deeply hope that you, dear reader, understand that this is more than just about my abundance of love for my boyfriend. That’s well and good and so very true, but this is about more than that. This is about giving into the unexpected and getting what you never knew you so deeply longed for as a result. This is about trusting what you are called to do, even if it goes against every other desire you thought that you had. This is about believing in the surprised that life has in store.

It’s infinitely better than anything I could have planned out for myself.

2 Is Greater Than 1

First off, yes, this is belated. I traveled over the weekend and if anyone understands delays in “working” due to traveling, it would be the two of you.

That said, I’m a lucky girl to be able to say that. “The two of you.” Like, I’m a really lucky girl. I’ve got two wonderful, inspiring men to look up to and refer to as my father, and my stepfather. I’ve got two dads to celebrate each year, and I’m so grateful for that.

Growing up, I’ll admit, I struggled with loyalty. I don’t think this is an entirely unique thing for a child of a blended family, especially one with birth parents in separate states.

Let me pause right here to say that I wouldn’t change how I grew up for anything. Maybe it wasn’t the traditional situation, but it made me exactly who I am today, and it gave me the best relationships with my parents I could ever imagine. Because what it made me realize, eventually (once I pulled out of the angsty teenager phase of life, I suppose), is that families aren’t drawn by lines of loyalty. Families are drawn, so simply, by lines of love.

And I’m lucky enough to love, and be loved, by two of the greatest men – my dad and my stepdad.

If I learned anything by growing up the way I did, it’s that, when it comes to fathers,

two is greater than one. 

Granted, that’s simple math. It’s obvious. But it can be messy and confusing when you’re trying to navigate through the inevitable complications of blended families. I won’t lie and say everything was easy, but in the end, everything turned out exactly how it was meant to.


So happy Father’s day, Dad. Thanks for always encouraging my unruly and sometimes unrealistic sense of adventure. Thanks for taking me on a dream trip to Italy and for forging our friendship among the ruins of Rome and the hilltops of Florence. Thanks for loving me so well through all of it, and for loving those I love so wholeheartedly. Thank you for being an example of loving that way — fearlessly, recklessly, incredibly. Thank you even for the hard times, which we got past and grew stronger from. Thank you for the good morning texts and the random ones about popsicles and Giants games. Thank you for never giving up on our relationship, and for that bringing out the best in both of us.


And happy Father’s day, Donald. Thank you for stepping in without a doubt or a question or a moment’s hesitation. Thank you for killing the cockroach that showed up in my washcloth that one time. Thanks for instilling in me a love of trop rock and corned beef & cabbage, and for always indulging your sweet tooth with me. Thank you for every piece of advice — even the ones I’m stubborn about. Thank you for being my constant supporter and for always answering my questions about cars. Thank you for being my mechanic and my mentor and everything in between.

Thank you both for making me who I am today, and molding me into the woman I’m becoming.

I never imagined I could be so lucky.